terms of use

At YAQ, we understand that very few people read these things. Although that is a reality, we think that it is really important that young artists and artsworkers always be aware of the legal relationships they enter themselves into. We want everything to be above board. We want you to understand, clearly and easily, what we expect of you and what you can expect of us, so together we can make yaq.org.au something worthwhile. We’ve tried to write these Terms of Use so you (hopefully) get what we’re on about. We want yaq.org.au to be a shared space, and we feel we can only achieve that if everyone knows the deal. Please contact us [link to connect with us page] if you have any comments or concerns about these conditions.

  1. Who’s who? What’s what?
    1. So what’s this site? And what are these Terms of Use for?
      Youth Arts Queensland (but you can call us “YAQ”) is the peak body for young people in the arts and creative industries in Queensland. We receive funding from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation. We also receive funding from the Australia Council for the Arts, the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body. You can find out more about YAQ on our about page.

      yaq.org.au is our little bit of cyberspace. It’s where you can get information about our advocacy and our programs but it is also a community portal for young artists and artsworkers as well as professionals working with young people in the arts in Queensland. The website, including all of its functionality, is governed by these Terms of Use. These are the conditions for using yaq.org.au.

    2. So who is this agreement with then?
      Although we’ve mentioned a lot of people above, this agreement is just between you and YAQ. However, this agreement may relate to other relationships YAQ has with other parties.
  2. Your use of yaq.org.au
    1. If you use the site you’ve accepted the Terms of Use
      To use yaq.org.au you must have accepted to do so in compliance with these Terms of Use. We’re not asking you to sign your life away, but please be aware of what your rights and responsibilities are under this agreement. You can accept the Terms of Use by formally indicating you accept (such as checking a check box) where this option is made available to you in the user interface or by actually using or accessing yaq.org.au. YAQ will treat your use of yaq.org.au as acceptance of the Terms from that point onwards.
  3. Content on yaq.org.au
    1. Our content
      Sharing knowledge and skills is very important to YAQ. Traditional copyright law says you can’t touch anything without the owner’s permission.
      creative commons
      We want to be sure that you know that we’re ok with you reusing our stuff. That’s why we release much of our content under a Creative Commons licence (more on that below).
    2. Use of the logos
      We want everyone to know about YAQ. As such we encourage you to link to yaq.org.au. You can even reuse the YAQ logo if you want, as long as your use is in relation to us and what we do, and is in no way implying that YAQ endorses you or any products or services offered by you or your affiliates. Do NOT use the Queensland Government logo, the Australia Council for the Arts logo or any other funders’ or partners’ logos unless you have their expressed permission.
    3. Your content
      YAQ believes in sharing knowledge so much that we want people to be able to share as much as possible on yaq.org.au. But to do that we need you to also agree to release content, which you submit, post or display on yaq.org.au under the same Creative Commons licence we use. It is important that you understand that that means that content which you submit, post or display on yaq.org.au will be available for others to reuse under the terms of the licence outlined in clause 3.4. We require you to licence this way so that someone who wants to reuse anything on this site knows that, as long as they comply with the licence.
    4. Sharing and reuse and Creative Commons licence
      To be clear, unless otherwise noted all content on yaq.org.au is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Australia licence (please take a moment to read the terms). This includes our stuff and content which users submit, post or display on yaq.org.au. Basically, under the terms of this licence, you may copy, communicate, perform and adapt content on this site, even for commercial purposes, as long as any derivative works are licensed under another Attribution-Share Alike licence and you attribute YAQ (where the content is published by us) and/or any relevant author or creator.
    5. Non-endorsement of contributors’ content
      YAQ believes in people being free to speak their mind. This does not necessarily mean that YAQ endorses or approves of any content published on yaq.org.au.
    6. Content on yaq.org.au generally
      Although YAQ will endeavour to respond quickly to objectionable content, please be aware that you may be exposed to content that you may find offensive, indecent or objectionable. If you are, please contact us immediately.
  4. Information about you
    1. This bit’s about Privacy
      Your information and your data is yours. That’s why your privacy is important to us. But running any website results in collecting some information about you. We respect your personal information, and recognise that when you choose to give it to us you are doing so in good faith that YAQ will act responsibly with it. This section outlines what is collected via yaq.org.au and how YAQ might reuse it.
    2. What do we collect?
      At the shallow end YAQ collects aggregate statistics about yaq.org.au. This includes stuff like how many users there are, what the traffic patterns on the site are, these kinds of things (let’s call this the site’s “analytics”). These analytics do not include any identifying information about you. However, registered users provide YAQ with specific personal information (including name and contact details).
    3. What will we do with that information?
      Where you elect to provide us with information, we will add it to our database. We may also use it for other things such as administering yaq.org.au, YAQ and our programs, sending you information about yaq.org.au, and publishing information about you and your experiences of YAQ and our programs on yaq.org.au with your permission. Where you have provided YAQ will personal information we will take reasonable steps to prevent the loss, misuse or unauthorised accessing of that information.
    4. Disclosure of your information
      This bit is important. YAQ will not disclose or sell your information to other parties without your consent. Obviously, YAQ will comply with any legal requirement it is under that may require it to disclose your information. Also, where appropriate, you grant YAQ the right to disclose your information to our funding bodies for the purposes of our programs. However, YAQ will NOT disclose your private information to any other program partners or program sponsors without your consent.
  5. Conduct on yaq.org.au
    1. Use only as permitted
      When using yaq.org.au you must only use the website for purposes that are permitted by these Terms and any applicable law, regulation or generally accepted practices or guidelines in Australia or the relevant jurisdictions.
    2. Don’t intentionally break the site
      yaq.org.au is for everyone, so do not engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the website.
    3. Sexism, racism, homophobia and obscene content will not be tolerated
      YAQ will not tolerate content that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, vilifying, harassing, obscene, offensive or in any other way wrongful or illegal. YAQ may take any steps it deems necessary in responding to the publication of such material including altering or removing the content and notifying the police.

      Although YAQ endeavours to keep yaq.org.au a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone, there may be instances where we haven’t become aware of content on the site that is offensive or unsuitable. If you come across content on yaq.org.au that you feel is in some way inappropriate, please contact us immediately. We will act appropriately when advised of such content, but we take no responsibility for any content on the site that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, vilifying, harassing, obscene, offensive or in any other way wrongful or illegal.

    4. Removal of content
      YAQ reserves the right to remove any content which you submit, post or display on yaq.org.au at any time without notice. As such, we don’t guarantee that any content, which you submit, post or display on yaq.org.au will be available for viewing, listening to, streaming or downloading by any person or will remain stored, archived or accessible on the site. You should keep a copy of any content you upload to yaq.org.au.
  6. Disclaimers
    1. Take it as is
      YAQ provides this website to you as is, without any representations or warranties either expressed or implied. We don’t claim that the information on yaq.org.au is complete, true, accurate or non-misleading. Nothing on the site constitutes advice of any kind.
    2. Limitation of liability
      To the extent permitted by law, YAQ isn’t liable under the law of contract, the law of torts or any other law, in relation to the content on, or the use of, yaq.org.au. This includes direct, indirect, special or consequential loss. It also includes any business loss, loss of revenue, income, profits or anticipated savings, loss of contractual or business relationships, reputation or goodwill or the loss or corruption of information or data. These apply even where YAQ has been expressly advised of the potential loss.
  7. Miscellaneous
    1. Changes to these Terms of Use
      It is true, sometimes things change. At some point, so too might these Terms of Use. Although YAQ reserves the right to modify or revise the Terms at its sole discretion, we don’t want you to come back to the site and agree to a different set of conditions when you didn’t even know they had changed. YAQ will attempt to notify you if these Terms of Use change. For members who have signed up to the mailing list, this might be an email from us notifying you of the changes. If you’re not a registered user, this could get a little tricky. At minimum, we will try to ensure that notification of the changed Terms of Use is published prominently on yaq.org.au. Although we may attempt to notify you when major changes are made to these Terms of Use, we encourage you to periodically review the most up-to-date version of the Terms of Use.
    2. Governing law
      You agree that any legal issues in connection with your use of yaq.org.au will be considered under the law in effect in Queensland, Australia and, in so far as is possible, you submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland.