Mail Chimp Top 5

Before working on the YAQ newsletter, I’d had absolutely no experience with websites, blogging, or generally anything  technical to do with computers.  I was pleasantly surprised when it only took me a couple of days to pick up the process of newsletter writing, and for that I thank Mail Chimp.

For anyone as non-technically inclined as I am, the super user-friendly interface is a godsend.  But I could go on about templates and campaigns and bore you all to death.  Instead I’d like to share the other reason I love Mail Chimp so much – the little guy is friggen hilarious!!!  An icon of the monkey sits up at the top of my screen providing me comedy gold and links to some of the most random slash awesome video’s I’ve ever seen.

So from Mail Chimp to me to you, enjoy!

1. This is one of the many monkey-related videos on offer, funny as well as informative:

Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys! – Weird Nature – BBC animals

2. A truly intriguing and inspiring piece of art:


3. I’m a fan of kitten videos too, but only the good ones:


4. There’s nothing better than Batman and Robin to bring you back to your childhood:

Holy, Holy, Holy – Batman

5. And for a great Mail Chimp crafter-noon activity, why not make your very own monkey friend:

Paper monkey toy

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